Walk Like a Queen

Vista Maria Girls Home September 2015
4 weeks of girls’ empowerment sessions


Live for Life's Recent Programs

In 2014 and 2015…Live for Life facilitated at Vista Maria, located in Dearborn Michigan. The Live for Life program consists of educating the ladies on HIV/AIDs awareness and sexually transmitted diseases; creating image boards for setting goals, addressing HIV/AIDS issues through role plays and guest speakers who provided statistics and examples of sexually transmitted diseases and recognizing Domestic Violence symptoms and how to protect yourself against it.

In 2013…Live for Life held another fundraiser, “Dine to Donate” at the Outback Steak House located in Southfield, Michigan. 15% commission was earned on every purchase that supported the Fundraiser. Thanks to the generous supporters, Outback Steak House Management and staff for a successful outcome.

In 2011….Live for Life supported the National AIDS Awareness Day at the Northwest Activity Center providing HIV/AIDS literature and preventive tools.

Live for Life continues to address HIV/AIDS Awareness throughout the City of Detroit as well as its neighboring cities within Michigan. All financial and In kind donations are welcomed and may be claimed as tax deductible. You may visit us on the web at: Live4Lifemi.org.We thank you for your interest and support.